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The main lasers of the Kizu-site of the Kansai Photon Science Institute are the J-KAREN laser with the characteristic if high-intensity ultrashort pulses, the Plasma soft X-ray laser which oscillates in the X-ray region, and the QUADRA-T laser of high repetition rate and high average power.
These lasers, have been utilized in a variety of research and development through joint research and as common use facilities.  

J-KAREN laser

  • Device Overview
    It is an ultra-short pulse ultra-high-strength laser of the world's top class
    We have been able to achieve an ultra-high power of 1000 trillion watts by confining a laser energy of 30 J within the time of 30 femtoseconds (1 femtosecond=a 1000 trillionth’s of a second).(Glowing in Green with the light of a strong excitation laser. 
  • Device photo


  • Performance
    1. Irradiation Energy:30J/pulse
    2. Contrast ratio:10-12
    3. Wavelength:800nm
    4. Repetition rate:0.1Hz
    5. Pulse width:30femtoseconds
    6. Focused intensity:1022 W/cm2

Plasma soft X-ray laser

  • Device Overview
    This is an X-ray laser which oscillates using a plasma created from a powerful laser.
    Compared with light which is visible to the eye the ocillation wavelength is short and further taking advantage of the feature that the light is emitted only during a fraction of a second it is used in such things as the observation of the change in the state of physical phenomena occurring on the surface of materials.

 # Under maintenance

QUADRA-T laser

  • Device Overview
    This is a high average power picosecond pulse laser outputting three thousand laser pulses per second.
    We use it as an excitation laser of a high-intensity terahertz pulse light source.
  • Device photo


  • Performance
    1. Irradiation Energy:10mJ/pulse
    2. Wavelength:1μm
    3. Repetition rate:3kHz
    4. Pulse width:1picosecond