Quantum Medical Science Directorate


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Managing Director, Quantum Medical Science Directorate

In order to enable QST to promote quantum science and technology as the world's front-runner, the former NIRS has been reorganized and functionally enhanced, and the Quantum Medical Science Directorate has been established.

The new Directorate’s NIRS will promote a project called the "Quantum Scalpel Project” to reduce the size and improve the performance of heavy ion beam therapy systems as well as research on radiological effects, research to clarify the mechanisms of diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease, and development of technologies for diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine diagnosis, and radiotherapy. The QST hospital will strongly promote clinical trials to deliver the research results obtained at the NIRS to patients as soon as possible and demonstrate their usefulness and effectiveness. The Center for Advanced Radiation Emergency Medicine at QST, which has been designated by the government as the core Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Support Center fulfills an important mission as the core of support for radiation emergency medicine in Japan.

The Directorate collaborates with institutions and organizations at home as well as overseas such as IAEA, WHO, UNSCEAR for international cooperation in cutting-edge quantum medicine, medical research, and medicine for radiation exposure with the aim of making QST the leader in these fields. To achieve this, the three organizations that constitute the Directorate will cooperate closely with each other as one to promote their projects.

Through these activities, we hope to contribute to the QST's goal of "zero cancer deaths and a healthy, long-living society."


Quantum Medical Science Directorate

Managing Director, Takashi Nakano