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 The Center for Human Resources Development (CHRD) offers a variety of training programs for students, engineers, researchers and co-medicals covering from basic knowledge to applied technologies associated with radiation.Since its establishment in 1959, the Training School (the former name of the CHDR) has fulfilled its mission by responding to the needs of the times, and trained about 13,500 trainees up to 2015. In April 2013, the Training School was enhanced and reorganized into the CHRD in an effort of NIRS to play a central role in the field of radiation research.The CHRD offers unique programs such as those featuring practical experience using the radiation generators and radiation detectors installed at NIRS.Practical exercises are also elaborately designed so that trainees can thoroughly study radiation and radiation紡ssociated technologies through experience-based learning as well as discussion among trainees.

The Center for Human Resources Development 1The Center for Human Resources Development 2


Characteristics of the training program

Aiming at expanding use of radiation-based technologies without raising health hazards, the CHRD offers training programs for professionals, in which the trainees can learn a wide range of knowledge from the basics to the advanced level required for specialists in radiation protection and radiation medicine.Since the accident at the TEPCO Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, CHRD has also engaged in training of elementary school teachers and non-expert municipal staffs who are in charge of communication with citizens concerning radiation risks.For elementary school students, a program of entry-level classroom experiments is provided.A program for undergraduate students to learn the basic knowledge of radiation, as well as one for graduate students to learn about current trends in radiation research are offered in collaboration with universities.In addition, CHRD is involved in radiation education indirectly by compiling materials such as side reading materials for students.

Characteristics of the training program1Characteristics of the training program2

Training Facility

Training programs are operated in a three-story facility dedicated to CHRD.A radiation-controlled area is setup in the central part of all the floors,where practical experiments using radioisotopes can be carried out.Laboratories are also setup outside the radiation-controlled areas where a variety of cold practical experiments such as demonstration of radiation tracks using cloud chambers can be carried out.Three lecture rooms including one equipped with PCs for the trainees use are setup.The large glass windows in the lobby area create an open environment promoting friendship among trainees.

Training Facility1Training Facility2


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