Institute for Quantum Life Science


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Institute for Quantum Life Science develops the quantum science and technology research and promotes interdisciplinary research to integrate quantum theory, quantum technology, and life sciences. We will establish a world-leading research and development hub for quantum life science research by gathering excellent researchers from all around the world.

Research by the Institute for Quantum Life Science brings a paradigm shift to the life sciences, as well as creates innovation in the medical field such as development of new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for cancer, contribution to regenerative medicine, elucidation of brain functions, and elucidation of aging status. We will contribute to the development of a peaceful and prosperous human society by bringing innovation in the medical field as well as information, energy, agriculture, the environment, and the space field.

Institute for Quantum Life Science

Director General, Yoshinobu Baba



"Quantum Life Science" is a new academic field that uses quantitative and statistical methods to investigate biological systems composed of the basic units of life: "biomolecules" – particles with peculiar aspects of quantum behavior. The primary goal of this ambitious field is to define "Life" – the processes by which the molecules composing living cells attain and maintain homeostasis in living organisms – from both a physical and chemical perspective based on features of the time evolution of phase space including dynamics, anisotropic motion, and Yuragi  (biological fluctuations ).

In the last century, the human intellect has sought to integrate quantum theory and classical Newtonian mechanics into a seamless discipline, thereby realizing significant advances in numerous fields including particle physics, unified field theory, string theory, quantum gravity, and cosmology. The advance of Quantum Life Science is likely to trace a similar path. We hope that advancements in Quantum Life Science will reveal new values and concepts in energy science, computer science, psychology, philosophy, ethics, and statistics.

Institute for Quantum Life Science

Scientific Director General, Masahiro Shirakawa