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Research Section

Quantum Medical Science Directorate

Radiological Science Research Development SectionThe two core elements of our ongoing research are “Research and development into innovative medical uses of radiation” and “Research into the effects of radiation and radiation medicine”. We use the research center hospital to advance these areas of research. In particular, we contribute to efforts to spread and instill heavy ion cancer therapy in national medical care, and to the development of treatment systems to apply in a nuclear disaster by developing functions as an Advanced Radiation Emergency Medical Care Support Center (tentative).
Drawing on the experience gained in responding to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, we are working to contribute to restoration and renewal through investigative research into the effects of radiation on people and the environment, as well as planning and implementing various types of training for human development. This human development will nurture the people needed to carry on in the fields of quantum science and technologies and radiology, to work on radiological protection and safe radiation handling, and to communicate wide-ranging knowledge of radiation.

Quantum Medical Science Directorate

Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate

Quantum- beam Advanced Research SectionWe are advancing the development of the latest technologies for the generation and control of various quantum beams, and high-precision processing and observation using those beams. The beams are of charged particles, radioisotopes (RI), neutrons, photons, and emitted light, etc. The Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute and the Kansai Photon Science Institute are the centers for this work. We are also pursuing world-leading R&D in the broad fields of materials science and life sciences, etc., making comprehensive use of the superior functions of quantum beams. Through the creation of revolutionary results and the expanded diffusion of advanced quantum beam-using technologies, we are spurring the generation of innovations in science and technology, and contributing to the advancement of Japan’s science, technology, and academia, and the promotion of industry.

Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate

Fusion Energy Directorate

Fusion Energy Research Development SectionWe are advancing global-scale research and development of fusion energy, working towards the realization of a “sun on Earth” that will be favorable for environment and safety. Fusion energy is generated during the fusion reactions of light nuclei that collide together to form heavier nuclei. The light from the stars and sun is produced by this fusion energy. The activities of the Fusion Energy Research and development Directorate is composed of three main elements: “ITER research and development”, to demonstrate the scientific and technical feasibility of fusion energy by international cooperation; “fusion plasma research and development”, to produce and sustain  controlled burning of fusion fuels; and “fusion science and technology research and development”, to support the realization of fusion plasmas. This directorate advances comprehensive R&D in these areas towards the early realization of fusion energy.

Fusion Energy Directorate