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  Title Venue Number of Participants
2016 2nd International Symposium on Heavy-Ion Radiotherapy and Advanced Technology Tokyo 140
The 15th International Conference on X-Ray Lasers Nara 150
Expert Workshop on Radiation Monitoring for Protection of the Public after Major Radioactive Releases to the Environment: Feedback from the Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPS Chiba 50
2017 The Alliance for the Next Generation MRI & Contrast Agents in QST Tokyo 140
The Council of Carbon-ion Radiotherapy Facility Founders in Japan Tokyo 210
1st QST International Symposium “Quantum Life Science” Chiba 320
Joshikai for Future Scientists: International Mentoring Workshop in Science and Engineering Chiba 100
13th International Workshop on Beryllium Technology Chiba 35
The 19th International Workshop of Ceramic Breeder Blanket Interactions Kyoto 31
2018 Joint Meeting of US-Japan MHD Workshop “Toward development of integrated studies of 3D magnetic field effects in fusion devices” 31st ITPA MHD Disruption and Control Topical Group Ibaraki 60
2nd QST International Symposium Nara 250
The 3rd International Symposium for MRI Alliance, QST Tokyo 100
International Open Laboratory Symposium 2018  Chiba 80
ICRP-QST-RERF Workshop on Individual Response to Ionizing Radiation Tokyo 80
2019 3rd QST International Symposium Nara 208
ICRP-QST Symposium on Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident Tokyo 95
The 4th International Symposium for MRI Alliance, QST Chiba 88
IAEA workshop on engineering design of waste water treatment using radiation grafted adsorbent in RAS/1/023 (Developing and upscaling of radiation grafted materials for water treatment) Gunma 25
2020 64th IAEA General Conference Virtual Side Event “Accelerated Progress of Radiation Oncology” Chiba 285
4th QST International Symposium Gunma 365
2021 5th QST International Symposium Chiba 205
4th International Forum on Quantum Metrology & Sensing(IFQMS)



2022 The 6th QST International Symposium Tokyo Online 318
41st Meeting of the ITPA Topical Group on Diagnostics