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Project "Ion Beam Mutagenesis"

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 The long-term objective of our project is to develop applications of quantum beam technology in applied biological fields such as sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. Ion beams are recognized as useful mutagens for plant and microbe breeding because they are thought to cause mutations by distinct mechanism from chemical mutagens or gamma rays.     To develop more efficient ion-beam mutagenesis techniques, we have tried to understand the characteristics of the ion-beam-induced mutations by using specific gene markers or genome wide sequencing. In addition, under collaborations with academic or industrial research organizations, many valuable mutants in plants, algae, fungi, and bacteria have been generated by ion-beam irradiation. Revealing molecular biology basis of radio resistant organisms is another major business of our project .






Project Leader
Yutaka OONO, Ph.D.

Project "Ion Beam Mutagenesis"
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