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Empowering Innovation through Quantum Excellence

Our mission is bold and unequivocal: to elevate quantum sciences and technologies to unparalleled heights. At QST, we are deeply committed to pioneering research in quantum science and technology.

We recognize the imperative of translating research and development into tangible academic, societal, and economic advancements. With a global outlook, we relentlessly pursue the creation of world-class research and development platforms. Our quest is to unlock new scientific territories and to solidify our position as hubs for quatum innovation.

As we chart new territories in quantum science and technology, we invite you to explore our comprehensive range of pamphlets that detail our initiatives, breakthroughs, and contributions to a future shaped by quantum excellence.

National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology

Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate

Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute

Kansai Photon Science Institute

Fusion Energy Directorate