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Welcome to President's Room

Commencing April 1st, 2023, I have been appointed by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as the President of National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST). QST was established in April 2016, and has been engaged in research and development in the field of quantum science and technology under the leadership of the first president Dr. Hirano Toshio, based on a foundational principle of "Creation of Harmonious Diversity". I’ll do my best to take the baton from the foundational period of QST, the first mid- to long-term period to the second mid- to long-term period.

We are currently facing many global issues that should be resolved urgently. Ocean pollution and climate change by human activities to date have caused food and water shortages, infectious diseases, and natural disasters, and an alarm bell is being sounded for the future of humanity. Through depletion of resources and loss of biodiversity, the earth continues to lose its natural abundance. Although all humanity should work together to face these challenges, obstacles such as international tension and social division persist. Those of us involved in science have a mission to solve our global problems by science, with the aim of realizing a sustainable sound material-cycle society. As a scientist who has dedicated myself to the pursuit of truth for over 40 years, I firmly believe in the power of science.

The quantum science and technology which QST pursues is based on quantum mechanics, the birth of which was now 100 years ago. By understanding and manipulating the mysterious quantum behavior which dominates the sub-nano world, we can advance our understanding of matter, create entirely new materials, and see what was never seen before through novel measurement technology. Quantum science and technology allows us to understand the world beyond the realm of Newtonian mechanics. There is great anticipation that this will contribute to enriching people's lives and our society through enabling new developments beyond conventional technology not only in the fields of new materials, information, communications, and energy, but also in environmental science, the life sciences, and medicine.

Under Japan’s "Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy", quantum technology is positioned as an innovative technology for enabling rapid and drastic economic and social development. QST is designated as both “a hub for quantum life sciences” and “a hub for creating quantum functions” within the “Hubs for Quantum Technology Innovation” framework, which promotes the development of international research and development hubs. It shows high expectations for QST in these areas. The two hubs at QST have been entrusted with combining quantum technology with the life sciences and medicine to create new quantum life science technologies, and with developing new quantum materials which will form the basic components of new quantum devices.

In the medical fields, we aim to contribute to the realization of a healthy and longevity society by utilizing heavy ion particle cancer treatment, targeted isotope cancer treatment, radiation imaging technologies for the diagnosis of dementia and other diseases. QST has also been designated as the National Core Advanced Radiation Medical Support Center and is working to develop technologies and human resources for radiation emergency medicine.

To contribute to achieving carbon neutrality, we are conducting research and development aimed at solving the world’s energy problems through hydrogen fusion power generation under the slogan "Creating a Sun on Earth!" The creation and industrial application of innovative materials and devices will soon begin using quantum beam generation technology at “NanoTerasu”, a new 3 GeV high-intensity synchrotron radiation facility.

A further mission of QST is to pioneer new research fields via collaborations between various fields using our expertise of quantum technology. Our research activities will contribute to society by creating new value that will help to realize a society of health and longevity, to realize a sustainable environment and energy supply, and to develop of human resources to support these activities. We will work toward our vision of a future sustainable sound material-cycle society at a global level by utilizing "comprehensive knowledge" including not only natural science but also the humanities and social sciences.

At the time of its foundation, QST set its vision and strategy in “QST Future Strategy 2016”, stating that it will contribute to the realization of a super-smart society, Society 5.0, through quantum science and technology. Last year, the final year of QST’s first mid- to long-term period, “QST Future Strategy 2022” was announced, which presents a future vision and strategy envisioning the future 10 to 20 years beyond the second mid- to long-term period. In the second mid- to long-term period, we will make a new history of QST and do our utmost to meet the expectations of the society by further strengthening the foundations of quantum science and technology already established in the first mid- to long-term period and by achievement of outstanding research in the fields of quantum science and technology.

We appreciate your support and cooperation.

Dr. Koyasu Shigeo


National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology

April 1, 2023