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Welcome to QST

Unveiling the Power of Quantum Innovation


NanoTerasu: 3 GeV Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Japan

The National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST) is spearheading scientific advancement by harnessing the potential of quantum mechanics to foster breakthroughs in a wide variety of fields. Our mission is to create and provide new values through research and development in quantum science and technology, contributing to a harmonious and sustainable future society where the economy, society, and environment seamlessly coexist.

At QST, we aim to lead the world in quantum science and technology, leveraging our state-of-the-art, high-performance large-scale research facilities. Our commitment to global leadership is reflected by our pursuit of excellence in quantum technology innovation, quantum medicine, quantum energy, and quantum beam science. We are tirelessly working towards strengthening Japan's position as a core infrastructure of quantum science and technology by nurturing talent, intellectual property, and facilities.

Our Pillars of Excellence

JT-60SA in Naka Institute

JT-60SA:a joint international fusion experiment being built and operated by Japan and Europe

1. Quantum Technology Innovation

We are dedicated to establishing a foundation in quantum computing, quantum communication, and sensing technologies. Our research in quantum materials and devices is pivotal in creating new quantum functionalities through the merger of cutting-edge photonic technologies.

2.Quantum Medicine

At QST, we are pioneering advancements in heavy ion cancer therapy and developing next-generation quantum medical tools. We utilize our unique capabilities, including the QST Hospital, to drive research from basic science to clinical applications, contributing to a society of health and longevity.

3.Quantum Energy

Our involvement in the ITER project and advanced plasma research signifies our commitment to solving the energy crisis. We are leading the way in fusion energy research, aiming to bring the power of "a Sun on Earth".

4. Quantum Beam Science

Our advancements in generating and controlling quantum beams are unmatched globally. We are paving the way for groundbreaking research in engineering, biology, and medical sciences through our high-performance quantum beam facilities.

Our Vision for a Sustainable Future


Diamonds which glow red in a mouse's lung

At QST, we believe in the transformative power of science to address global challenges. Our research in quantum science and technology is rooted in the century-old foundations of quantum mechanics, offering solutions beyond traditional technologies in material science, communication, energy, and environmental science. Our commitment to innovation aligns with the national Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy, marking us as a key player in economic and societal advancement.

In pursuit of carbon neutrality, we are advancing fusion energy research under the motto "Create a Sun on Earth". Our work in NanoTerasu is set to revolutionize material and device innovation.

QST Hospital

QST Hospital