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The outline of the research contents for which the press announcement was made in the research and development that the researchers who belong to KPSI (Kizu site and Harima site) have committed.


We introduce the latest topics such as awards, various seminars, and facility opening.

KPSI newsletter

The KPSI publishes the KPSI newsletter every month, that are sending information such as the topics related to research, the information on various events of the KPSI, including the Kids' Science Museum of Photons and various features of the Kansai Research area, etc to the outside.


The KPSI launched a lecture "S-Cube (Super Science Seminar)" by researchers at the forefront, aiming to help the general public, especially junior high school and high school students, gain an understanding of optical science.

KPSI seminar

In the Kizu site, we invite leading researchers from home and abroad to hold academically leading-edge specialized seminars. We use the KPSI website and mailing list to guide the event inside and outside the KPSI. We also use our website for holding reports.

QST Harima seminar

In Harima site, we invite leading researchers from home and abroad to hold academic leading-edge specialized seminars.

QST Harima

In Harima site, machine learning study meetings are held in parallel with the seminar.




Latest issue