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KPSI seminar

In the Kizu site, we invite leading researchers from home and abroad to hold academically leading-edge specialized seminars. We use the KPSI website and mailing list to guide the event inside and outside the KPSI. We also use our website for holding reports.

Registration and contact information:
  E-mail: kizu-seminar [at] (Please change [at] to @)


event date Title
15:00- (FRI) Jan 26, 2024 【on-site】The 104th KPSI Seminar  Ultrafast Spectroscopy with Modern Light Sources​
13:30-(MON) Dec 11, 2023

【on-site】The 103rd KPSI Seminar Quantum Optics Meets Strong Field Physics

13:00-(MON) Nov 20, 2023

【on-site】The 102nd KPSI Seminar Present and Future Accelerator Performance for Carbon Ion Radiotherapy

14:00- (TUE) Oct 24, 2023

【on-site】The 101st KPSI Seminar Implementation of imaginary-time evolution method on a quantum computer and its applications to quantum chemical calculations

15:30- (FRI) Jun 23, 2023 【real×web holding】The 100th KPSI Seminar 書かれてなんぼ、プレスリリースの真価とは
14:00-(MON) Jun 19, 2023 【on-site】The 99th KPSI Seminar Near-infrared femtosecond laser writing of controlled surface wettability
13:30-(FRI) Jun 16, 2023 【on-site】The 98th KPSI Seminar Superfluorescence from rubidium vapor
~ Results with heated gas cells and prospects for experiments with cold atoms ~
13:30- (THU) Apr 14, 2023 【on-site】The 97th KPSI Seminar | The Extreme Photonics Applications Centre: A New Facility for Ultrafast Science & Applications in the UK
13:30- (THU) Mar 9, 2023 【on-site】The 96th KPSI Seminar | Two-demensional materials under tailored laser pulses
13:30-(FRI)Feb 24, 2023

【on-site】The 95th KPSI Seminar | Nonlinear Optical Vibrational Spectroscopy for Unveiling Novel Structural Properties of Water Molecules on Solid Surfaces

15:00-(WED)Feb 15, 2023 【on-site】The 94th KPSI Seminar | Photon Vortex Generation by Synchrotron Radiation


event date Title
13:30- (WED) Nov 9, 2022

【real×web holding】​The 93rd KPSI Seminar | Ultrafast field-driven transport excited by high-repetition, quasi-single cycle light pulses with electrooptic timing modulation

14:00- (WED) Oct 5, 2022

【real×web holding】The 92nd KPSI Seminar | Exploring Novel Photofunctions of Organic-Inorganic Nanohybrids​

13:30- (FRI) Sep 9, 2022

【real×web holding】​The 91st KPSI Seminar | Recent theoretical development in Schwinger effect

14:00-(THU)July 28, 2022

【real×web holding】The 90th KPSI Seminar | Quantum Biophysics: Old Roots, New Shoots​

13:30-(THU)July 14, 2022

【real×web holding】The 89th KPSI Seminar | Development of CW fiber laser decontamination using high-speed scanning of high-power density laser beam

16:30-(WED)June 8, 2022

【real×web holding】The 88th KPSI Seminar | A century of light pioneered by invisible light

15:00-(MON)May 30, 2022 【web holding】The 87th KPSI Seminar | Dynamics of molecular rotational wave packets induced by intense ultrashort pulsed laser fields​
11:00-(FRI)Apr 15, 2022 【real×web holding】The 86th KPSI Seminar | Scattering from “a space-time grating” Asymmetric diffraction and Vavilov-Čerenkov radiation


event date Title
11:00-(THU)Jan 20, 2022 【real×web holding】The 85th KPSI Seminar | New Applications of Bulk Superconductors ―Advanced Magnetic Field Distribution Design by Shielding Current Control―
11:00-(FRI)Dec 10, 2021 【real×web holding】The 84th KPSI Seminar | Light’s Orbital Angular Momentum from a Quantum Beam ―Possibility of X-ray beam with light orbital angular momentum―
15:00-(MON)Oct 18, 2021 【real×web holding】The 83rd KPSI Seminar | Solar pumped laser
13:00-(TUE)Oct 12, 2021 【real×web holding】The 82nd KPSI Seminar | Solar pumped laser
10:00-(FRI)Oct 8, 2021 【web holding】The 81st KPSI Seminar | Development of high-intensity ultrashort pulse laser for Application of physical properties
13:00-(TUE)Sep 28, 2021 【real×web holding】The 80th KPSI Seminar | Underwater rider measurement
13:00-(THU)May 27, 2021 【web holding】The 79th KPSI Seminar | Hawking radiation from a black hole ―Model real using relativistic laser and challenge spirit for basic science Exam assignments―


event date Title
11:00-(WED)Mar 10, 2021 【web holding】The 78th KPSI Seminar | Experimental study on spectroscopy of laser-produced plasma for laboratory astrophysics and soft X-ray lithography application
11:00-(FRI)Oct 23, 2020 【web holding】The 77th KPSI Seminar | Recent progress of material science with intense short pulse lasers
11:00-(FRI)Aug 28, 2020 【web holding】The 76th KPSI Seminar | Single-shot measurement of pre-pulse generated by post-pulse
13:30-(THU)Jul 30, 2020 【web holding】The 75th KPSI Seminar | Predicting the Quaternary Structures of Homo-Oligomeric Transmembrane Proteins (HoTPs)
15:00-(THU)Jul 16, 2020 【web holding】The 74th KPSI Seminar | Theory and modelling of low dimensional materials


event date Title
13:10-(TUE)Feb 25, 2020 The 73rd KPSI Seminar | Intense-laser-induced rescattering photoelectron spectroscopy of atomic and molecular systems
13:00-(TUE)Feb 4, 2020 The 72nd KPSI Seminar | Generation and detection of “photon vortex” in quantum level
11:00-(FRI)Dec 6, 2019 The 71st KPSI Seminar | The “Odd” Harmonics – harmonics via the four-step model and terahertz harmonics
11:00-(MON)Nov 11, 2019 The 70th KPSI Seminar | Research on Relativistic Mirrors at ELI Project
11:00-(WED)Sep 25, 2019 The 69th KPSI Seminar | Microtarget Fabrication for High Power Laser Facilities and Future High Repetition Rate Drivers
13:15-(THU)Sep 19, 2019 The 68th KPSI Seminar | Lecture by ELI-BL theory group
11:00-(THU)Aug 22, 2019 The 67th KPSI Seminar | Characterization of Ionization Injection in Gas Mixtures Irradiated by PW Laser Pulses
10:00-(FRI)Aug 2, 2019 The 66th KPSI Seminar | Molecular scale picture of heat conduction in liquids based on molecular dynamics simulation
11:00-(THU)July 25, 2019 The 65th KPSI Seminar | The Spanish Petawatt Laser: high repetition rate challenges
10:00-(THU)July 18, 2019 The 64th KPSI Seminar | Development of an intense few-cycle light source in the infrared and its application to ultrafast soft x-ray spectroscopy of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide
13:30-(TUE)July 2, 2019 The 63rd KPSI Seminar | High harmonic generation in solids and the driving by plasmonic enhanced field
13:15-(FRI)June 28, 2019 The 62nd KPSI Seminar | Spectral dynamics in build-up femtosecond pulse with time stretch spectroscopy
15:00-(TUE)June 4, 2019 The 61st KPSI Seminar | Dual-comb microscopy for scan-less confocal imaging
13:30-(TUE)June 4, 2019 The 60th KPSI Seminar, iQLS seminar | Macrocyclic Peptide Drug Discovery Targeting Hepatocyte Growth Factor and the Receptor
14:15-(THU)May 23, 2019 The 59th KPSI Seminar | Morphological Superconductors: Fundamental discoveries in Superconducting Materials.
13:15-(THU)May 23, 2019 The 58th KPSI Seminar | Photonics research at KTH: fundamentals, materials, and communication.
15:00-(FRI)May 17, 2019 The 57th KPSI Seminar | On the biophysical properties of microtubules and their importance in health and disease
10:30-(FRI)Apr 19, 2019 The 56th KPSI Seminar | Particles Surfing on Plasma Waves: Ultrahigh Intensity Lasers used for High-Gradient Acceleration of Electrons and Ions
11:00-(THU)Apr 18, 2019 The 55th KPSI Seminar | Effects of hole-boring and relativistic transparency on particle acceleration in overdense plasma irradiated by short multi-PW laser pulses
13:15-(MON)Apr 15, 2019 The 54th KPSI Seminar | Basic techniques for gamma-ray measurements and ideas for laser derive gamma-ray sources
11:00-(WED)Apr 10, 2019 The 53rd KPSI Seminar | Reverse genetic analysis of the DNA damage response mechanism and the applied examples in the vertebrate cells


event date Title
15:15-(THU)Mar 28, 2019 The 52nd KPSI Seminar | Optimization study and the medical application of detection method with laser-induced vibration
10:00-(WED)Mar 20, 2019 The 51st KPSI Seminar | Recent progress on laser plasma accelerator development at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
13:30-(WED)Mar 6, 2019 The 50th KPSI Seminar | Vibration acoustic study using nanosecond laser
13:30-(MON)Mar 4, 2019 The 49th KPSI Seminar | Light-nanomatter interaction : basic theory and computational approach
13:15-(WED)Jan 16, 2019 The 48th KPSI Seminar | Oxidative Damage to Macromolecules in Carcinogenesis and Atherogenesis
13:10-(TUE)Dec 11, 2018 The 47th KPSI seminar | Soft X-ray high resolution / high diffraction efficiency holographic diffraction gratings ―Developments and applications to spectrometers―
13:15-(WED)Oct 3, 2018 The 46th KPSI Seminar | A draft genome of the striped catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) 
13:15-(WED)Sep 26, 2018 The 45th KPSI Seminar | Resolution-exchanged structural modeling and simulations jointly unravel that subunit rolling underlies the mechanism of programmed ribosomal frameshifting
13:15-(WED)Sep 5, 2018 The 44th KPSI Seminar |Optical property of a single microdroplet levitated by an electrodynamic ion trap
13:15-(FRI)Oct 26, 2018 The 43rd KPSI Seminar |In Silico Life Science Based on the Fragment Molecular Orbital method
15:00-(FRI)Aug 24, 2018 The 42nd KPSI Seminar | Soft-X-ray emission spectroscopy with electron microscopy and its applications for materials characterization
13:15-(TUE)July 31, 2018 The 41st KPSI Seminar | Detection of radiation-induced clustered damage and DNA-protein crosslink damage
15:00-(THU)July 11, 2018 The 40th KPSI Seminar | Ultra high intense laser matter interaction and their application
11:00-(WED)July 4, 2018 The 39th KPSI Seminar | De novo main-chain modeling for EM maps using MAINMAST
13:15-(WED)May 30, 2018 The 38th KPSI Seminar | Simple Electrostatic Models for Complex Biological Problems
13:15-(MON)May 21, 2018 The 37th KPSI Seminar | Fabrication of EUV and soft X-ray optical elements at IPM RAS
13:15-(THU)Apr 19, 2018 The 36th KPSI Seminar | Ion acceleration and EMP studies using cryogenic and 3D printed targetry
11:00-(MON)Apr 9, 2018 The 35th KPSI Seminar | Application of femtosecond laser μ-processing in biomedical and material in KRISS


event date Title
14:00-(TUE)Mar 20, 2018 The 34th KPSI Seminar | Near Infrared Photoimmunotherapy for Cancer
11:00-(MON)Feb 5, 2018 The 33rd KPSI Seminar | On the High Field Initiative Project at ELI-Beamlines
11:00-(FRI)Jan 19, 2018 The 32nd KPSI Seminar | Relativistic electron-positron jets from intense lasers
9:30-(WED)Nov 15, 2017 The 31st KPSI Seminar | Collective charged particle dynamics in relativistically transparent laser-plasma interactions
14:30-(THU)Oct 12, 2017 The 30th KPSI Seminar | Short-pulse high-intensity laser-plasma science using an X-ray free electron laser
13:00-(THU)Oct 12, 2017 The 29th KPSI Seminar | High Average Power Ultrafast Thin-Disk Amplifiers
9:30-(WED)Oct 4, 2017 The 28th KPSI Seminar | Simulations on strong field driven XUV attosecond pulse amplification
16:00-(THU)Sep 14, 2017 The 27th KPSI Seminar | X-ray emission and absorption spectroscopy to study laser-initiated WDM.
13:15-(WED)July 12, 2017 The 26th KPSI Seminar | Reaction dynamics simulation: From XFEL-induced Coulomb explosion to strand breaks in DNAs
11:00-(WED)July 5, 2017 The 25th KPSI Seminar | Paradoxical Stabilization of Forced Oscillations by Strong Nonlinear Friction
16:00-(WED)Jun 15, 2017 The 24th KPSI Seminar | On the way towards novel applied and fundamental physics
13:00-(WED)May 31, 2017 The 23rd KPSI Seminar | High-intensity short-pulse laser proton acceleration from condensed hydrogen jet
13:15-(TUE)May 23, 2017 The 22nd KPSI Seminar | Fast ion acceleration in a foil plasma heated by a multi-picosecond high intensity laser
11:00-(TUE)Apr 25, 2017 The 21st KPSI Seminar | Probing quantum vacuum nonlinearities with high-intensity lasers
10:30-(MON)Apr 17, 2017 The 20th KPSI Seminar | Current status of the LULI laser facilities
10:30-(FRI)Apr 14, 2017 The 19th KPSI Seminar | Industry engagement and development of laser-driven beams for applications in medicine through to manufacturing
13:00(start accepting)- (FRI)Mar 24 The 18th KPSI Seminar | Evolution of Mezzoscopic Domains in Ferroelectric BaTiO3 and Relaxer Ferroelectrics PMN-PT Observed by Soft X-ray Lasers


event date Title
15:30-(MON)Dec 19, 2016 The 17th KPSI Seminar | 宇宙創成の謎にせまる国際リニアコライダー(ILC)計画
13:15-(MON)Dec 12, 2016 The 16th KPSI Seminar | Mechanism of relativistic Doppler reflection of THz light from photo-induced carriers
10:30-(TUE)Dec 06, 2016 The 15th KPSI Seminar | Twisted Photons radiated from Free Electons
14:30-(WED)Nov 30, 2016 The 14th KPSI Seminar | Development of a thin disk ring oscillator for intra-cavity high-order harmonic generation
13:15-(TUE)Nov 2, 2016 The 13th KPSI Seminar | Molecular Dynamics Simulations, as a Tool to Understand Human Telomeric DNA G-quadruplexes
10:30-(THU)Oct 27, 2016 The 12th KPSI Seminar | Laser ion source at Brookhaven National Laboratory
11:00-(FRI)Sep 30, 2016 The 11th KPSI Seminar | Spectroscopic studies on the molecular complex with polyyne and iodine molecules
15:00-(THU)Aug 25, 2016 The 10th KPSI Seminar | ”Osaka Univ. to ELI-NP” ELI-NP:Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics
10:30-(WED)Aug 3, 2016 The 9th KPSI Seminar | Accelerating Plasma Mirrors to Investigate Black Hole Information Loss Paradox
14:00-(THU)Jul 7, 2016 The 8th KPSI Seminar | Stress dynamics of ultra-short pulsed laser processing inside transparent materials
11:00-(MON)Jun 30, 2016 The 7-2nd KPSI Seminar | What would you do with 1022 W/cm2 laser intensities?
10:00-(MON)Jun 30, 2016 The 7-1st KPSI Seminar | Intense laser pulses and strong magnetization as tools for investigating astrophysical
14:45-(TUE)Jun 21, 2016 The 6th KPSI Seminar | Quantum and classical behaviors of fluctuations in light scattering
14:00-(THU)Jun 2, 2016 The 5th KPSI Seminar | Improvements of two-photon excitation microscopy by utilizing novel techniques
11:00-12:00(MON)May 30, 2016 The 4th KPSI Seminar | (Working title)Broadband high-resolution imaging spectrometers for the soft X-ray range
11:00-12:00(MON)May 16, 2016 The 3rd KPSI Seminar | Studies of fast electrons emitted in intense laser-solid interaction experiments
14:00-15:00(TUE)May 11, 2016 The 2-2nd KPSI Seminar | Study of plasma physics and accelerator science using pulsed power and laser
13:00-14:00(TUE)May 11, 2016 The 2-1st KPSI Seminar | Development of repeatable electron source using laser wakefield acceleration and its applications
13:30-14:30(MON)Apr 4, 2016 The 1st KPSI Seminar | Present and Future of the XFEL and ELI-project and HIBEF-project of Europe(tentative)