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Institute outline


KPSI has active bases in Kizu and Harima sites, and researches photon science focusing on high-intensity lasers such as J-KAREN laser and X-ray laser, and life science aiming at fusion of quantum technology, and radiation science research is promoted at a dedicated beamline installed at SPring-8, a large synchrotron radiation facility at RIKEN.

In the Kizu site, based on technological developments such as world-class high-intensity lasers, KPSI researches aimed at the cutting edge of academic research such as laser acceleration, aimed at elucidating the biological effects of radiation research, and aimed at the creation of innovation in the industrial and medical applications. On the other hand, in the Harima site, we are conducting research to see the core of the functions of advanced functional materials such as spintronics devices, using radiation technology and computational science to identify atoms in layers.