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The National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST) will proceed with research and development (R&D) in accordance with the new medium- to long-term plan from FY 2023. The Kansai Institute for Photon Science (KPSI) will conduct cutting-edge quantum science and technology research using the world's highest-performance lasers and synchrotron radiation. We will promote R&D to make the research results useful in industry, medicine, etc. for social implementation. KPSI has two sites, the Kizu site in the Keihanna Science City in Kyoto prefecture and the Harima Science Garden City in Hyogo prefecture. At the Kizu site, we are conducting state-of-art research such as developing new-type laser-driven radiation sources including laser accelerated particle beams and ultrashort X-rays based upon world-leading top-class high-intensity laser technology, ultrafast measurement methodology using ultrashort pulse technology, and also medical and industrial applications of lasers, such as the laser hammering technology inspecting for tunnels, bridges, etc. and the non-invasive blood glucose level measurement using the mid-infrared laser. At the Harima site, using two contract beamlines of SPring-8 and computer simulation, we are developing new technology to utilize synchrotron radiation X-rays and carrying out state-of-art research in material science. In addition, “The Kid’s Science Museum of Photons" located in the Kizu site aims to familiarize children with quantum science and technology that support daily life, our lives, and energy by showing them the wonders of photon and the various phenomena it causes.


The KPSI will play a role as a research base contributing to the development of quantum science and technology in Japan and creating innovation with the keyword "photon" and will be a research institute open to the community and society. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


April 1, 2024
TANAKA Atsushi
Director General, Kansai Institute for Photon Science (KPSI)
National Institute for Quantum Science and Technology (QST)