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Update on Fusion Plasma Research (JT-60)

2020-12-22 JT-60 JT-60SA Integrated Commissioning was updated
2020-12-22 JT-60 JT-60SA Construction | Assembly of JT-60SA related components completed (October 2020) was updated
2020-12-10 JT-60 Presentations was updated
2020-12-10 JT-60 Publication to Journals was updated
2020-10-14 JT-60 JT-60SA Photo Gallery was updated
2020-08-27 JT-60 Movie of JT-60SA Assembly was updated
2020-08-12 JT-60 Presentations was updated
2020-04-01 JT-60 Visitor Information was updated
2020-01-08 JT-60 360-degree Panorama Images was updated
2020-01-08 JT-60 JT-60SA Construction | Cryostat body cylindrical section installed (Dec. 2019) was updated

ITER/BA Accomplishment Report Meeting 2020 Video and Presentation Materials are Availabl