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Update on Fusion Plasma Research (JT-60)

2021-5-17 JT-60 Presentations was updated
2021-5-17 JT-60 ITPA Scrape-Off-Layer and Divertor Topical Group 28 June - 9 July 2021, Internet was updated
2021-4-12 JT-60 Publication to Journals was updated
2021-3-15 JT-60 JT-60SA Integrated Commissioning was updated
2021-3-15 JT-60 The 26th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop was updated
2021-1-22 JT-60 Visitor Information was updated

PR Movie "IFMIF/EVEDA 2021"

The annual symposium on the ITER Project and BA Activities “Fusion energy that creates a new future”