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The 19th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers (H-Mode Workshop 2024)

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The 19th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers will be held from September 24-27, 2024. The purpose of this biennial workshop is to present and discuss the status of H-mode and internal transport barrier experiments, theory and modeling in magnetic fusion research and to discuss scientific solutions of H-mode control for the purpose of exploring possibilities of advanced operating scenarios in next step fusion devices. The workshop is hosted by QST-Naka. 

Meeting Format

The workshop will be organized around six broad topics of current interest. An overview talk, accompanied by discussion, will be presented for each topic. Each talk will be followed by a poster session of contributed papers, related to the topic. The International Advisory Committee solicits contributed papers that present and discuss recent experimental, theoretical or modeling studies of transport barriers, both internal and edge, as observed in numerous magnetic confinement machines and in a variety of magnetic topologies. All talks and posters will be presented in-person only. 



September 24-27, 2024


National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology, Naka Fusion Institute


Hotel Lakeview Mito
1-6-1 Miya-machi, Mito, Ibaraki 310-0015 Japan


Workshop News!


  • First announcement: February 26, 2024
  • Topics and invited speakers announced: April 25, 2024
  • Abstract submission open: May 10, 2024
  • Abstract submission extended, closes on: June 21, 2024
  • Notification of abstract acceptance: June 21, 2024
  • Participants’ request for visa support letters by: July 5, 2024
  • Early bird registration deadline: July 26, 2024
  • Final registration deadline: August 23, 2024
  • Meeting begins: September 24, 2024


  • Friday, Sept. 27 : JT-60SA tour at QST-Naka



Topics & Invited Speakers


Topic 1: "No-ELM and small-ELM regimes and extrapolation to burning plasmas",X. Chen (GA)

Topic 2: "Advances in understanding the impact of the isotope mass on pedestal structure and transport", C. Maggi (UKAEA)

Topic 3: "Density and radiation operational limits to H-mode sustainment", P. Manz (IPP)

Topic 4: "Modelling for ELMs and H-mode pedestal: MHD, gyrokinetic modelling", N. Aiba (QST)

Topic 5: "Impact of a W transport on H-mode plasmas: experiments and modelling", C. Angioni (IPP)

Topic 6: "Integrated core performance and heat/particle exhaust with edge transport barriers", L. Wang (ASIPP)


Local Organizers & International Advisory Committee


  • Hajime Urano, QST-Naka (urano.hajime [at mark]
  • Nobuyuki Aiba, QST-Naka (aiba.nobuyuki [at mark]
  • Kojima Atsushi, QST-Naka (kojima.atsushi [at mark]


  • Leonid Askinazi (Russia)
  • Elena de la Luna (EU)
  • Xiang Gao (China)
  • Yong Su Na (South Korea)
  • Jerry Hughes (US)
  • Tokihiko Tokuzawa (Japan)
  • Rajesh Maingi (US)
  • Gary Staebler (US)
  • Hajime Urano (Japan)
  • Mike Dunne (EU)


Upload & Submit Conference Files


Please email one page PDF abstracts (minimum 11 point font) to hmws24-info [at mark] Optionally authors may include suggested sorting topic from the list shown above and the intention of the submission of your contribution to Nuclear Fusion journal.

TEMPLATE Information: Abstract should contain the title, authors, affiliations and the main summary of the presentation. No additional template information specified for abstract.

※Please email one page PDF abstracts during the period of May 10 – June 21.

Registration Information


In preparation

※There is a fee.​


In preparation

※Pre-registration is required.​
※To apply, please visit the Peatix event page.
※To apply for tickets (registration), you need a Peatix account. Create a Peatix account or log in with your X(Twitter)/Facebook/Google/Apple account to apply.​


Workshop Schedule Overview


Workshop schedule overview is available from here.  [PDFファイル/73KB]


Presentation Index

In preparation


Workshop Schedule Day by Day

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List of Participants

In preparation


The 18th International Workshop on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers

September 20-23, 2022

Maeder Hall, Andlinger Center, Princeton University




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