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Spin Photonics in 2D-Materials


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Thin Film Process Equipments:


Key Features:

・Transportable through 5 UHV-chambers.

・Deposition function : MBE, Magnetron Sputtering, UHV-CVD, Electron beam deposition

In-situ Characterization: RHEED, XPS, UPS, EELS

UHV multi-function thin film process system
6-sputter CVD-2 CVD-1
Magnetron Sputter(RF, 6-gun) HV CVD-1 HV CVD-2


Characterization Equipments

helium Key Features:
This system uses a beam of spin-polarized He atoms prepared in the 23S metastable state to probe the spin-split surface density of states (SDOS). When a metastable helium atom is incident on a surface, an Auger-type electron is typically generated through one of two dominant de-excitation mechanisms. The resulting emission electron spectrum contains information only on the SDOS thus making this technique extremely surface sensitive. Measurements can be performed both in-plane and out-of-plane enabling detailed characterisation of the magnetic properties of a variety of surfaces.
Spin-Polarized Metastable De-excitation Spectroscopy (SPMDS) 
mpms Raman Kerr
MPMS(7T)         Raman Spectroscopy    Kerr Microscope
vaccum probe 4-probe AFM
Low Temp. Prober Room Temp. Prober AFM
stm xmcd moss
STM XMCD Spectroscopy (@KEK,PF7A) Mössbauer Spectroscopy (@Spring8, BL11XU)


Micro-fab Equipments


Key Features:

・Generates patterns with a minimum line width of 6nm

・Stable 1.8nm electron beam using high beam current at 100kV

・A 20bit DAC provides high beam positioning resolution

・At a beam current of 1nA, 20nm lines can be written over an entire 500μm field without stitching

ELIONIX Electron Beam Lithography ELS-G100
SEM milling mask
EBL (JEOL) Ion milling with EPD   Mask Aligner
micro bonder coater
Optical Microscopy Wire Bonder Spin Coater