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Welcome to Department of Advanced Functional Materials Research

We aim to create cutting edge outcomes in quantum and materials science research in order to respond the demands of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) proposed by the United Nations and to realize Society 5.0, which expressed the future society vision in Japan. By taking advantages of quantum beams, such as charged particles, gamma rays, and neutrons, we have conducted the R&D of new functional materials that realize energy conversion devices for a carbon neutral and circulating society as well as drug discovery and diagnostic devices that contribute to a healthy longevity society. For environment and energy application, we are developing novel functional materials such as highly durable conductive polymers and electrode catalysts for next-generation batteries and biomass production catalysts. For medical application, our research target is biocompatible materials applicable to systemic modeling mini-chips and analysis and production technique for mini-organs. As a basics of quantum beam science, we try to elucidate the irradiating effects of quantum beams on various materials at atomic and molecular levels for the creatin of new functional materials. Furthermore, close collaboration with industry, such as QST alliance projects, and academia, we continue the R&D in quantum materials and materials science that contribute to the promotion of fundamental science and technology and advances of industry in Japan. 

Department Director
Dr. MAEKAWA Yasunari
(Personal Info: ResearchMap)​

Research Projects