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Processing and Safety Technologies

Directorates of Fusion Energy Research Tritium Technology Group

There are three hydrogen isotopes, protium, which is ordinary hydrogen, deuterium and tritium. It is recognized that a fusion reactor using the deulerium-tritium reacion is promising in the near future. Hence, tritium and deuterium are fuels of the fusion reactor, and protium is an impurity. A mixture gas of tritium and deuterium is supplied to the reactor, however; only a few percentages of the gas are burned. The mixture gas is therefore exhausted from the reactor, and is then re-supplied after removal of impurities such as protium and helium, which is a production of the deuterium-tritium reaction. This tritium processing system has been studied in our laboratory. Tritium is a radioisotope, and must carefully be treated. We have studied safety handling technologies of trilium also.

Subjects of tritium processing technologies

-Fuel Cycles
-Blanket Tritium Recovery
-Water Detritialion

Subjects of tritium safety handling technologies

-Confinement & Removal
-Permeation & Retention
-Accountancy & Radiochemical Reactions