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The mission for the Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate (QuBS) of National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST) is to explore fundamental science challenges and carry out the research needed to furnish the market place with innovative technologies in a wide range of core scientific fields, from materials, biology, medication, energy to environment.

Quantum Technologies bring major technical advances in many areas, including computing, sensors, simulations and telecommunications. QuBS has been enhancing technologies to generate defects such as nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers in man-made diamonds for quantum metrology and sensing use Since the establishment of QST on 2016.

Photon Science is another key technology for QuBS in which we have developed the world’s top-class high intensity laser system and conducting state-of-the-art research and development. We are also promoting research on synchrotron radiation science for the nanoscale observation of many different materials.

Our mission is supported by ‘high-performance’ quantum beam technology developed by the leadership of two major Laboratories, i.e., Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute and Kansai Photon Science Institute. Furthermore, the construction of new advanced synchrotron light source facility is started from 2019.

These multi-beam oriented research environments of QuBS provide the scientists and engineers with wide application on micro or nanofabrication, new insights into materials and biological systems and clinical radiation researches.

QuBS also facilitate access for researchers in the world to our experimental facilities and tools to accelerate their scientific discovery and technological breakthrough together.

We appreciate it if you kindly pay continuous attention to QuBS for supporting our research activities and, hopefully, for future collaboration.

Masamichi Chino, PhD

Head of the Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate

Quantum Beam Science Research Directorate