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Quantum Materials and Applications Research Center


大島センター長National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST), as “Quantum Functionalization”, one of the Quantum Technology Innovation Hubs (QIH) in Japan,  carries out R&D of foundational quantum technologies and support of industry such as the development of quantum materials with advanced quantum functionality and supplying such materials, arrangement of environments for usage, trial and assay of quantum materials and quantum technologies based on such materials and providing the environments to industry, and in addition, R&D for technologies and devices to realize advanced measurement and sophisticated manipulation of quantum states, taking advantage of quantum beam and laser (photons) technologies. We, Quantum Materials and Applications Research Center (QUARC), as the core of the QIH “Quantum Functionalization”, is conducting wide variety of research subjects on quantum materials and functionalization from basic science to applications. Using accurate and advanced techniques for spin and photon manipulations as well as their entanglement, we carry out unique research leading the world. We play a role as a R&D hub for quantum technology promoting cooperation among government-academia-industry.

Director, Quantum Materials and Applications Research Center, Takeshi Ohshima

Study of Quantum Materials and Functionalization leading the world

Quantum sensing project

This project investigates the creation of spin defects which act as quantum sensors in wide bandgap semiconductors such as diamond and silicon carbide using ion and electron beams. We study quantum sensing based on such spin defects to establish extremely high sensitive sensing technology for magnetic field and temperature measurements.

Spin-photonics in 2D materials project

This project aims to explore spin-photonics by developing novel quantum materials which enable efficient photon-spin interconversion and optically driven spintronic devices based on two-dimensional materials and advanced magnetic materials.

Laser-cooled ion research project

This project promotes research and development of quantum information processing technology by developing quantum computers that use laser-cooled ions trapped in an ion trap as qubits, and by developing ultra-precision ion implantation technology that uses an ion trap as an ion source.​

Quantum optical and spin state control project

Our project focuses on the precise control and structural analysis of quantum states in semiconductor heterostructures and spin-related complex defects using advanced optical and electrical detection techniques. We are also developing new materials and verifying their spin and quantum-related functionalities in order to establish the fundamental technologies necessary for the next generation quantum information society.

Quantum materials theory project

This project promotes theoretical research and development of novel quantum materials and devices, of algorithms for (gate-type) quantum computers, and of quantum error correction technology by utilizing first-principles (non-empirical) theoretical calculations.

Rare-earth quantum device project

Our project aims to develop new types of quantum devices using rare-earth ions in nitride semiconductors as quantum bits, single photon sources, and quantum entangle light sources. Our project also aims to develop new quantum sensing methods using opto-electronic and spin properties of rare-earth elements.

Quantum materials ultrafine fabrication project

In this project, we pursue the application of state-of-the-art device and quantum device systems through nanofabrication, which contribute to Society 5.0. We aim to develop resist materials such as metal resists and block copolymers. Furthermore, one of the most important missions of this project is to promote the development of ultra-fine lithography technology and ultra-fine 3D element structure fabrication technique based on basic research of materials and processes by applying beams to measurement and nanofabrication.


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