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Ohshima Team Leader

Project Leader Takeshi Ohshima


    To make our lives more comfortable, safe, and secure, various next-generation technologies are required. For example, due to the limits of semiconductor miniaturization technology and the increase in power consumption, computers that replace traditional supercomputers are needed. Additionally, encryption communication technology that cannot be eavesdropped on is necessary for information security, and high-precision and high-sensitivity sensing technology is required for the exploration of life sciences and new materials. To meet these demands, technologies utilizing quantum effects, such as quantum computing, quantum encryption communication technology, and quantum sensing, are expected. However, the development of stable and reliable operators (quantum bits) and quantum sensors is essential for the realization of these technologies. We conduct research on forming crystal defects that can be applied as quantum bits or sensors by selecting wide bandgap semiconductors such as diamond and silicon carbide (SiC) as the mother material and utilizing ions and electron beams. 

    On the other hand, when radiation such as ions, electron beams, or gamma rays enter semiconductor materials/devices, phenomena such as characteristic degradation, malfunction, and destruction also occur. For example, in space where radiation is abundant, the power generation characteristics of artificial satellite solar cells deteriorate, and phenomena such as memory inversion of semiconductor memory and destruction of power devices occur. To contribute to the long life and high reliability of semiconductors used in radiation environments such as space, nuclear power plants, and accelerator facilities, we investigate the degradation behavior, malfunction, and destruction of solar cells and semiconductor devices, clarify their mechanisms, and conduct research on the development of resistance-enhancing technologies.