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Gamma-ray Irradiation Facilities

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The gamma-ray irradiation facilities consist of two buildings equipped with six irradiation cells. They covers a wide dose-rate range from 0.2 Gy/h to 8 kGy/h. The Co-60 source in each irradiation cell is stored in a water pool under each cell. The source is elevated upward to the irradiation position in each cell. Each cell is surrounded with heavy concrete walls for radiation shielding.
Drawing of the no. 1 and no. 2 Co-60 irradiation facilities.
The amount of the Co-60 sources.
Irradiation Facility

Amount (PBq)

in Apr. 2022

The Number of Cells Main Use
No. 1 5.1 3
  • Radiation resistance test of semiconductors
  • Research on irradiation effects on polymers
  • Research on radiation biology
  • Radiation resistance test of materials used in nuclear facilities
No. 2 6.0 3
  • Research on improvement of polymers
  • Research on creation of functional materials
  • Development of dosimeters