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Hisayoshi ITOH, Director General

Takasaki Advanced Radiation Research Institute (TARRI) is a core institute to conduct quantum-beam science research which is one of the main missions of National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology (QST), established on April 1, 2016. We have started the mission on the basis of resources which had been accumulated through R&D of radiation/quantum-beam applications over 50 years at former TARRI of Japan Atomic Energy Agency, established on October 1, 2005, and originally Takasaki Radiation Chemistry Research Establishment of Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute, established on April 1, 1956.

We have an ion-beam irradiation facility named TIARA (Takasaki Ion Accelerators for Advanced Radiation Application), which is one of the most advanced facilities in the world, as well as electron-beam and gamma-ray irradiation facilities at TARRI. The facilities provide many kinds of quantum beams: ions, electrons, positrons, neutrons, and gamma rays. Based on these facilities, we are developing leading-edge technologies of generation, control, and utilization of quantum beams. We are also performing advanced research in wide fields like materials science and life science by utilizing quantum beams with unique functions comprehensively, for finding solutions for fundamental questions of each research field as well as creating innovative outcomes. With making R&D using quantum beams, we are aiming at contributing to the development of science and technology and the promotion of industry in Japan. 

Finally we express our appreciation for your continued interest in and warm support for our activities at TARRI of QST.

April 2016
Hisayoshi ITOH, Director General

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