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Invited Talks

Research and development of fusion energy is a long-term project. However, we must demonstrate by the mid-21st century that the fusion can supply energy stably and safely and that its resources can be self-supported in Japan . In order to accomplish this, the understanding and trust of people, especially of local residents, are essential. We make constant efforts to build up and deepen the understanding of our mission, realization of fusion energy. We participate in various local events and also organize open house events and tours of our facilities. All the facilities in the Rokkasho Fusion Institute are available for visits in principle. Individual visitors are also welcome. In addition, we contribute to the education of local communities through tours of the facilities and lectures on demand to elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools and universities.

Moreover, if necessary, we hold explanatory meetings for local companies. If you would like to make a request, please feel free to contact our administrative staff:

General Affairs Section
Department of Administrative Services
Rokkasho Fusion Institute
Tel: 0175-71-6500
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