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Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO

Towards the realization of fusion energy - DEMO design project -

Towards the realization of fusion energy DEMO design project の画像

The joint special design team for fusion DEMO (special design team) has been organized to establish technology bases required for conceptual design and R&D activities, based on recommendations of the Fusion Science and Technology Committee in MEXT.

Fusion DEMO

DEMO is a fusion reactor aiming to realize power generation by the middle of this century, and is placed as the next step of International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER) under construction by the cooperation of 7 parties including Japan. We consider that the DEMO conceptual design activity clarifies the target and technical issues towards DEMO. Therefore, experimental research performed in ITER and JT-60SA, and R&D activities for engineering and materials will be implemented together with the DEMO design.

Fusion DEMOの画像

DEMO should be aimed at

  • steady and stable electrical power generation beyond several hundred thousand kilowatts,
  • availability acceptable for commercialization,
  • tritium breeding to fulfill self-sufficiency of fuel.

The special design team develops the DEMO concept and shows the route to a fusion reactor.

What is the special design team for?

What is the special design team forの画像

 Our goal is to establish technology bases required for conceptual DEMO design, according to the action plan presented by “Taskforce on DEMO Comprehensive Strategy” under the “Science and Technology Committee on Fusion Energy” in MEXT. Since June 2015, the special design team has launched its activity with collaboration among government, industry and academia.


82 members in total (QST 25, NIFS 3, Univ. 25, NIMS 2, Industry 27), as of September 2016


  • General Coordination Group
    • Cooperation among TF, academic societies and associations
    • Communication
    • Collaboration
  • System Design Group
    • Fundamental concept
    • System design and integration
    • Balance of plant, Component design
  • Physics Design Group
    • Plasma design
    • Plasma control
  • Safety Design Group
    • Safety guideline
    • Environmental impact, Radioactive waste

Schedule of DEMO design activity

The DEMO design activity is divided into three phases: conceptual design (CDA), engineering design (EDA) and manufacturing design. The special design team carries out fundamental design in the CDA phase synchronized with the BA DEMO design activities for intermediate C&R scheduled in 2020.

Schedule of DEMO design activityの画像