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Fusion Reactor Systems Research

Fusion Reactor Design Group

A fusion reactor is an energy generation system, which makes a comprehensive use of advanced technologies, such as efficient confinement of extremely hot plasmas, superconducting magnet systems, etc. The aim of the “Fusion Reactor System Research” is to develop a concept of an attractive fusion reactor, integrating a wide range of technologies.

Our research institute has proposed many fusion reactor concepts from the early stage of Japanese fusion research. Currently we are conducting “fusion DEMO reactor” research, which aims at achieving electricity generation by the middle of this century.

Fusion reactor system research requires many researchers and engineers with various expertise including physics and engineering. Under the frameworks of the DEMO Design Activity from the Broader Approach and the Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO, the following key research subjects for fusion power plant are being addressed:
the blanket concept to extract energy and to breed tritium, divertor physics and engineering concepts for the protection of plasma-facing surfaces from the hot plasma, physics basis and control methodologies of burning core plasma, development of system codes to predict reactor performance and cost, reactor maintenance, and waste recycling/disposal.

Our crucial activity also includes sharing the state-of-the-art information and technologies through collaboration with universities and discussion with industry engineers, thereby disseminating the basis of fusion reactor design.

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Plasma Theory and Simulation Group

Plasma Theory and Simulation Group supports the JT60-SA project, ITER physics research as well as DEMO design activity from theoretical aspects. In parallel, we advance research on the physics of extremely hot fusion plasmas, such as confinement and heating of tokamak plasmas and the effect of fusion burn.

Also, as an application of advanced computational science, we promote the numerical experiment of tokamak (NEXT project). By employing massively parallel computing techniques and large scale simulations based on the first principle, we aim to investigate multiscale and complex behaviors of burning core and peripheral/divertor plasmas. We make the best use of the IFERC-CSC Helios supercomputer for our theoretical and simulation research of fusion plasma.

Official website of Plasma Theory and Simulation Group: