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Plasma Theory and Simulation Group has performed the scientific research on the fundamental physics of high-temperature laboratory plasmas and the confinement and heating properties of tokamak plasmas in support of the experimental program on JT-60 and the developments of burning plasma physics basis towards ITER and DEMO. Driven by the rapid progress of computer technologies, the Numerical Tokamak Experiment (NEXT) project is promoted by effective use of International Fusion Energy Research Centre, Computational Simulation Centre (IFERC CSC) supercomputer, HELIOS(2012/1-2016/12), SELENE(2017/4-2018/3) and JFRS-1(2016/6-). This project aims at the development of large-scale multiscale/multiphysics simulation that reproduces complex phenomena observed in core and divertor (edge) plasmas on the basis of the first principle approach.

Recent Activities

Yuuichi Asahi Wei Wang

Takeshi Shiroto Haruki Seto

Naoaki Miyato Akinobu Matsuyama

Nobuyuki Aiba Andreas Bierwage