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The 25th Numerical EXperiment of Tokamak (NEXT) Workshop

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Date  : Aug. 8th – Aug. 9th, 2019
Place : Kyoto University Uji Campus, Uji Obaku Plaza
           Seminor Room 4・5(Invited and Oral session)
           Hybrid Space (Poster session)


Invited Talks

・9 Years of Research on Energetic Ion Physics in NEXT Project

 A. Bierwage (QST Naka)

・Relativistic Mirrors as Sources of Short Wavelength Radiation and Fundamental Physics

J. Koga (QST Kansai)

・Theory and Simulation Research on Plasma Heating by High Intensity Laser

Y. Sentoku (Osaka Univ)

・Progress on Structure-Preserving Numerical Methods and its Application to Magnetohydrodynamics

T. Matsuo (Tokyo Univ)

Oral Presentation

・Role of Mesoscopic Transport Events in Tokamak Confinement

 T. S. Hahm (Seoul National University)

・JFRS-1 Supercomputer

N. Miyato (QST Rokkasho)

・Report on HPC

M. Nakano (Cray Japan, Inc.)

・Machine-learning assisted steady-state profile predictions using global optimization techniques

M. Honda (QST Naka)

・Kinetic Simulations Concerning Structure Formation in Collisionless Plasma Boundary Layers Created in a Structured Medium

R. Matsui (Kyoto Univ.)

・Physics Issue on Disruptions and Energetic Electrons in ITER

A. Matsuyama (QST Rokkasho)

・Global Turbulent Transport and Profile Formation with Ion and Electron Heating

K. Imadera (Kyoto Univ.)

・Global Calculation of Neoclassical Impurity Transport Including Non-Uniformity of Electrostatic Potentials

K. Fujita (Grad. Univ. Adv. Studies)

・Ion Heating in High Density Plasmas by Whistler Waves

T. Sano (Osaka Univ.)

・Plasma Dynamics Driven by Relativistically High Intensity Laser in Open Systems

N. Iwata (Osaka Univ.)

・Effects of Kinetic Ions on Electron Temperature Gradient Turbulent Transport

T.-H. Watanabe (Nagoya Univ.)

・Electromagnetic Turbulence in Finite Beta Tokamaks

A. Ishizawa (Kyoto Univ.)

・Influence of the normalized ion gyroradius on collisional transport

K. Obrejan (JAEA)

Total 17

A list of participants

Affiliation Name
Osaka University N. Iwata
Osaka University T. Sano
Osaka University Y. Sentoku
Osaka University N. Higashi
NIFS S. Satake
NIFS M. Yokoyama
Japan Coast Guard Academy T. Kanki
Kyoto University A. Ishizawa
Kyoto University M. Yorozuya
Kyoto University Y. Hamada
Kyoto University S. Kawagoe
Kyoto University S. Itano
Kyoto University M. Muto
Kyoto University Y. Ishida
Kyoto University K. Imadera
Kyoto University K. Nakatani
Kyoto University D. Nakajima
Kyoto University N. Uehara
Kyoto University R. Matsui
Kyoto University M. Kinoshita
Kyoto University K. Komai
Kyoto University Z. Qin
Kyoto University Y. Nakamura
Kyoto University Y. Kaishi
Kyoto University M. Niiro
Kyoto University Y. Hanayama
Kyoto University Y. Kishimoto
Kyoto University S. Maeta
Kyoto University Y. Morishita
Kyoto University K. Ohta
Kyoto University R. Kotera
Kyoto University R. Okada
Kyoto University S. Murakami
Kyoto University Y. Yamashita
Kyoto University A. Fukuyama
Kyoto University Y. Shoji
Cary Japan Inc. M. Nakano
Graduate University for Advanced Studies K. Fujita
Seoul National University T. S. Hahm
Data Direct Networks M. Ishida
Tokyo University T. Matsuo
Tokyo University S. Sato
Tottori University M. Furukawa
Tottori University I. Uenaga
Nagoya University K. Nishioka
Nagoya University T.-H. Watanabe
JAEA K. Obrejan
QST N. Aiba
QST N. Asakura
QST Y. Asahi
QST Y. Ishii
QST S. Inoue
QST J. Koga
QST H. Seto
QST T. Shiroto
QST A. Bierwage
QST M. Honda
QST A. Matsuyama
QST N. Miyato
QST M. Yagi
QST W. Wang
  Total 62