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JT-60 Project

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Research Objects Roles of JT-60

To realize fusion power plant, we urge the fusion plasma research and development in the JT-60 tokamak.

 Leading the nuclear fusion research in the world

  • High β, steady state research and their physics understandings
  • Contribution to the construction and operation of the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), and the future DEMO reactor

photo of Research Objects and Roles of JT-60

JT-60 Operational History and the Progress of Plasma Performance

We started the JT-60 operation in 1985. JT-60 has been leading the nuclear fusion research in the world. The world record was achieved for the Q value, the ion temperature and the fusion triple product.

JT-60 Project History

Future Plan
Modification of JT-60 to Superconducting Tokamak

  • Objectives: to realize high-beta steady-state operation in the use of reduced radio-activation ferritic steel in a collision-less regime.
  • Planning : For further progress in the high-beta steady-state research, the modification of JT-60 is regarded as "National centralized tokamak (NCT) facility program". Detailed design work is ongoing in collaboration with universities, institutes and industries in Japan.

JT-60 Project Future plan 

Machine Parameter

JT-60 Machine Parameter