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JFT-2M Project | JFT-2M Tokamak (JAERI Fusion Torus-2M)

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JFT-2M Tokamak (JAERI Fusion Torus-2M)


Main Performance

Device parameters
major radius : 1.3 m
minor radius : 0.35 m
elongation : 1.7
plasma volume : 4.8 m3
plasma current : 500 kA
toroidal field : 2.2 T

Heating and current drive systems
Neutral beam injection heating : 1.6 MW, 40 keV
Electron cyclotron wave heating : 1.0 MW, 60 Ghz
Fast wave current drive : 0.8 MW, 200 Mhz

We are challenging advanced subjects on fusion plasma research with flexibility of a medium-size device

Current Research Subjects

For the development of high performance plasmas and contribution to ITER physics R&D, following subjects are currently pursued.

  • Advanced material tokamak experiments (AMTEX)
  • Confinement and electric field
  • Compact toroid injection
  • Radio-frequency current drive & heating (ECW, FW)
  • Divertor and boundary plasmas


We have intensive collaborations with domestic and foreign universities and institutes.


  • Compact toroid injection
    Himeji Insti. of Technology NIFS
  • High confinement physics
    NIFS, Tokyo Univ. Yokohama National Univ.
  • Current profile control by FWCD
    Tokyo Univ.
  • Excitation of shear Alfvén wave
    Ibaraki Univ.
  • Vacuum tech. of low-activ.-materi.
    Hokkaido Univ.
  • Development of membrane pump


  • FWCD with combline antenna
    General Atomics (USA)
  • ECH
    General Atomics (USA)
  • Vanadium alloy exposure test
    General Atomics/MIT (USA)
  • Lost ion probe
    Princeton University (USA)