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11th IAEA Technical Meeting on H-mode Physics and Transport Barriers | Conference Program

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26-28 September 2007, Tsukuba, Japan

 Conference Program

Program and Abstracts

Time Table (148KB)

Wednesday, 26 September Thursday, 27 September Friday, 28 September
08:30-09:00 Registration*        
09:00-09:20 Welcome 09:00-10:30 Topic 3: ITB and Rotation 09:00-10:30 Topic 5: Theory and Simulation
09:20-10:50 Topic 1: Transition and Pedestal
10:50-11:10 Coffee break 10:30-10:50 Coffee break 10:30-11:00 Coffee break, Photo
11:10-12:50 Poster on Topic 1 10:50-12:30 Poster on Topic 3 11:00-12:30 Topic 6: Projections to ITER
12:50-14:20 Lunch 12:30-14:00 Lunch 12:30-14:00 Lunch
14:20-15:50 Topic 2: ELM 14:00-15:30 Topic 4: Non-axisymmetrc m. f. 14:00-15:40 Poster on Topic 5 & 6
15:50-16:10 Coffee break 15:30-15:50 Coffee break 15:40-16:00 Coffee break
16:10-17:50 Poster on Topic 2 15:50-17:30 Poster on Topic 4 16:00-16:40 Summary session
    18:30-21:00 Banquet    

* Registration desk is open on Tuesday, 25 September from 17:00 to 19:00 at Okura Frontier Hotel Tsukuba

1. H-mode transition and the pedestal-width A.W. Leonard
2. Dynamics in ETB: ELM threshold, non-linear evolution and suppression, etc N. Oyama
3. Transport relations of various quantities including turbulence in plasmas with ITB:Rotation physics is especially highlighted J.E. Rice
4. Transport barriers in non-axisymmetric magnetic fields K. Ida
5. Theory and simulation on transport barriers F. Jenko
6. Projections of transport barrier physics to ITER G.T. Hoang


Invited Revew Talks

Wednesday, 26 September
09:20 - 10:50 Overview of Experimental Characterization of the H-mode Edge Pedestal Structure
A. Leonard
14:20 - 15:50 Progress and Issues in Physics Understanding of Dynamics, Mitigation and Control of ELMs
N. Oyama
Thursday, 27 September
09:00 - 10:30 Spontaneous Rotation and Momentum Transport in Tokamak Plasmas
J. Rice
14:00 - 15:30 Transport Barriers in Non-axisymmetric Magnetic Fields
K. Ida
Friday, 28 September
09:00 - 10:30 Transport Barriers: Theory and Simulation
F. Jenko
11:00 - 12:30 Projection of Transport Barrier Physics to ITER
T. Hoang


Poster Presentations

Wednesday, 26 September
11:10 - 12:50  Topic 1
P1-01 Formation of edge transport barrier and scaling of heating power threshold in CHS
T. Akiyama
P1-02 Paleoclassical Model For Electron Temperature Pedestal
J. Callen
P1-03 Temporal and Spatial Evolution of the H-mode Pedestal in DIII-D
R. Groebner
P1-04 Edge Transport Barrier Width in ASDEX Upgrade
L. Horton
P1-05 Evolution of edge profiles and fluctuations in two-phase L-H transitions in unfavorable magnetic configurations in Alcator C-Mod
A. Hubbard
P1-06 Predictive modelling of the H-mode power threshold in JET
D. Kalupin
P1-07 H-mode transition in the presence of counter-NBI in the TUMAN-3M
S. Lebedev
P1-08 Dependence of the L-H Power Threshold on Divertor Balance and Heating Method in NSTX
R. Maingi (H. Meyer)
P1-09 The structure, evolution and role of the edge radial electric field in H-mode and L-mode on MAST
H. Meyer
P1-10 Power Threshold for L-H Transition of High Density Edge Transport Barrier with Reheat Mode on CHS
T. Minami
P1-11 Observation of the High Density Edge Transport Barrier in CHS using Beam Emission Spectroscopy
T. Oishi
P1-12 Toroidal field ripple effects on high triangularity ELMy H-modes in JET and implications for ITER
R. Sartori
P1-13 Physics Understanding of the Pedestal Power Dependence: Implications for a First Principles Pedestal Model
P. Snyder
P1-14 Radial Structure of Edge Transport Barrier and Electrostatic Fluctuations in the Compact Helical System
M. Takeuchi
P1-15 Radial Structure of Edge Transport Barrier Formed in Helical Divertor Configuration of the Large Helical Device
K. Toi
16:10 - 17:50  Topic 2
P2-01 Effect of Equilibrium Properties on the Structure of the Edge MHD Modes in Tokamaks
N. Aiba
P2-02 ELM propagation in the high-field-side Scrape-off Layer of the JT-60U tokamak
N. Asakura
P2-03 Radial Electric Field and Plasma Rotation in TUMAN-3M Tokamak
L. Askinazi
P2-04 Optimised ELM penetration and pedestal pressure for JET AT scenarios
M. Beurskens
P2-05 A comparison of the spatial and temporal structure of type-I ELMs
A. Kirk
P2-06 A comparison of the spatial structure of type I ELMs in ASDEX Upgrade and MAST
A. Kirk
P2-07 Pellet perturbations for probing threshold conditions and investigating onset dynamics of paced ELMs
P. Lang (L. Horton)
P2-08 Reconstruction of two-dimensional structure by using conditional techniques near the edge transport barrier in Compact Helical System
Y. Nagashima
P2-09 New pedestal temperature models with self-consistency calculation of safety factor and magnetic shear
T. Onjun
P2-10 Edge Stability of Stationary ELM-Suppressed Regimes on DIII-D
T. Osborne
P2-11 Effect of toroidal field ripple and toroidal rotation on H-mode performance and ELM characteristics in JET/JT-60U similarity experiments
N. Oyama
P2-12 Predictive modelling of ripple-induced effects in ELMy H-mode plasmas
V. Parail
P2-13 Characteristics of quiescent H-mode plasmas with co-, ctr- and balanced injection of neutral beam in JT-60U
Y. Sakamoto
P2-14 ELM-like Oscillations Observed in the Large-Helical-Device Plasmas with/without L-H Transition
F. Watanabe
Wednesday, 27 September
10:50 - 12:30  Topic 3
P3-01 Velocities and Transport Barriers in NSTX OH and HHFW Heated H-modes
C. Bush (T.S. Hahm)
P3-02 Improved Mirror-Plasma Regime Guarded by Coaxially Nested Intense ExB Radially Sheared Flow Having a Peaked-on-Axis Sheared Vorticity
T. Cho
P3-03 The Influence of Toroidal Field Ripple on the Formation and Performance of Internal Transport Barriers at JET
P. de Vries
P3-04 New Developments in Momentum Transport Bifurcation Phenomenology
P. Diamond (C. McDevitt)
P3-05 The Features of the Electron Heat Transport during High Power ECRH &SMBI on HL-2A
X.T. Ding
P3-06 Extension of DIII-D Hybrid Plasmas to Reactor Relevant Conditions with Te~Ti and Low Rotation
E. Doyle
P3-07 Dependence of H-mode Power Threshold and Energy Confinement on Toroidal Plasma Rotation in the DIII-D Tokamak
P. Gohil
P3-08 Geodesic Acoustic Mode Spectroscopy
S.-I. Itoh
P3-09 Change of fluctuation properties during non-local temperature rise in LHD from 2d phase contrast imaging
C. Michael
P3-10 Observation of MHD Instabilities and Improved Particle Confinement during IBW Heating in HT-7 Tokamak
Y.J. Shi
P3-11 Temporal Change of Particle Transport of Super Dense Core Plasma in LHD
K. Tanaka
P3-12 Enhanced H-mode energy confinement with positive toroidal rotation in JT-60U
H. Urano
15:50 - 17:30  Topic 4
P4-01 Electric Pulsation in Electron-Root Internal Transport Barrier in Large Helical Device
T. Ido
P4-02 Confinement Characteristics of Reheat Mode Discharge in High-Density Regime of Compact Helical System (CHS)
M. Isobe
P4-03 Study of spontaneous transition by toroidal current control in a low magnetic shear helical device
S. Kobayashi
P4-04 Observation of m=2/n=1 Magnetic Island on the Foot Point of Electron Internal Transport Barrier using Soft X-ray CCD Camera in the Large Helical Device
T. Kobuchi
P4-05 Effect of Energetic Beam Ions on Radial Electric Field Transition in Helical Plasmas
S. Murakami
P4-06 Zonal Flow Driven By High-Energy Particle during Nonlinear MHD Evolution of CHS Fishbone Instability
S. Ohshima
P4-07 Pellet injection and internal diffusion barrier formation in LHD plasmas
R. Sakamoto
P4-08 Simultaneous Measurements of Density and Potential Profile of Internal Transport Barrier Plasmas by Heavy Ion Beam Probe in Compact Helical System
A. Shimizu
P4-09 Clear Transition to High-Te State with an Electron Internal Transport Barrier Creation in EC Heated LHD Plasmas
T. Shimozuma
P4-10 Impurity diagnostics for edge transport barrier discharges in the Compact Helical System
C. Suzuki
P4-11 Study of Transition Mechanism to Improved Confinement Mode in Helical Plasmas by Electrode Biasing
H. Takahashi
P4-12 Ion Transport in Core Electron Root Confinement Plasmas in Large Helical Device
Y. Takeiri
P4-13 Core electron temperature rise due to Ar gas-puff in EC-heated LHD plasmas
N. Tamura
P4-14 Development of Hydrogen Storage Electrode for Plasma Biasing in the Tohoku University Heliac
H. Utoh
P4-15 Observations of Impurity Hole in High Ion Temperature Discharge on LHD
M. Yoshinuma
Wednesday, 28 September
14:00 - 15:40  Topic 5
P5-01 Kinetic simulation of resonant magnetic perturbation effect on pedestal transport in a tokamak geometry
C.S. Chang
P5-02 Simulation study of density dynamics effect on the ELM behavior with TOPICS-IB
N. Hayashi
P5-03 Paleoclassical Transport Explains Electron Transport Barriers in RTP and TEXTOR
G. Hogeweij (J. Callen)
P5-04 Turbulent transport of poloidal momentum in toroidal plasmas
K. Itoh
P5-05 Selection Rule for Turbulent Structural Formation: Study of Magnetized Cylindrical Plasmas
N. Kasuya
P5-06 Transport due to interchange mode turbulence in a mirror with divertor
I. Katanuma
P5-07 Gyrofluid simulation on the nonlinear excitation and radial structure of GAMs in ITG turbulence
J.Q. Li
P5-08 A model of GAM intermittency near critical gradient in toroidal plasmas
K. Miki
P5-09 Electromagnetic effects on zonal mode generation and turbulent transport in tokamak plasmas
N. Miyato
P5-10 Three-dimensional neutral transport simulation during transport barrier formation in the JT-60U plasmas
Y. Nakashima
P5-11 MHD stability due to internal transport barrier and its effect on the transport
T. Ozeki
P5-12 Two-Dimensional Full Particle Simulation of the Formation of Electrostatic Field in a Tokamak Plasma
T. Takizuka
P5-13 Multi-scale transport simulation with ion temperature gradient driven drift wave turbulence
S. Tokunaga
P5-14 Global nature of zonal flow due to the finite band width
K. Uzawa
14:00 - 15:40  Topic 6
P6-01 Canonical Rotation Profiles from Turbulent Equipartition Theory of Toroidal Momentum Pinch
T.S. Hahm
P6-02 Internal Transport Barrier Simulation in Helical and Tokamak Systems
Y. Higashiyama
P6-03 Studies of H-mode pedestal physics on Alcator C-Mod with enhancements to neutral pumping
J. Hughes
P6-04 A steady-state scenario for ITER using off-axis Electron-Cyclotron-Current Drive
F. Imbeaux
P6-05 Power requirements for accessing the H-mode in ITER
Y. Martin
P6-06 Collisionality and beta dependence of confinement in JET ELMy H-modes
D. McDonald
P6-07 Effect of pedestal width on the performance of ITER
T. Onjun
P6-08 H-Mode confinement properties close to the power threshold in ASDEX Upgrade
F. Ryter
P6-09 H-Mode Plasmas Transport Simulation in ITER with Effect of Neoclassical Tearing Mode
Y. Takahashi
P6-10 Effects of low central fuelling on density and ion temperature profiles in reversed shear plasmas on JT-60U
H. Takenaga
P6-11 A Comparison of Hybrid Confinement with ELMy H-mode Confinement
K. Thomsen
P6-12 The Role of MHD in the Sustainment of Electron Internal Transport Barriers and H-Mode in TCV
G. Turri
P6-13 Particle confinement of pellet-fuelled H-mode plasmas in MAST
M. Valovic
P6-14 Comparison of the β Dependence of Confinement and Heat Transport in ASDEX Upgrade and DIII-D Experiments
L. Vermare
P6-15 Investigation on β dependence of transport in experimental conditions of ASDEX Upgrade β scans using linear gyrokinetic simulations
L. Vermare

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